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PenfieldAI helm chart values file

How to choose which services to enable

When you get values file using helm show values penfieldai/penfieldai > penfield-values.yaml you will see there are various services that are there. By default only Pathfinder services are enabled. If you need help which services need to be enabled then you can follow the below table. Some of them are optional depends on your SEIM/SOAR tool integration.

Here is the quick overview each of the services in the values file that helps which and when you should enable it. You will have deployment type either Pathfinder only or Pathfinder + ITSM.

NameDescriptionPathfinderPathfinder + ITSMFeature that uses service
kafkaKafka as a queuing systemRequiredRequired-
kratosKratos is required for authentication purposesRequiredRequired-
postgres-dbDatabase service for storing processed data from various servicesRequiredRequired-
mongo-dbDatabase service for storing processed data from various servicesRequiredRequired-
milvusVector Database serviceRequiredRequired-
airflowETL pipelinesRequiredRequired-
minioStorage solutionRequiredRequired-
aihandler-serviceMicroservice for events consumer and producer that invokes the AI backendNoNoAlert Assignment
analyst-availability-serviceMicroservice to track and provide analyst availabilityNoNoAlert Assignment
cloudsoar-inbound-integrationMicroservice ingest incoming data from CloudSoarNoOptionalCloudSoar inbound integration
data-pipelineTo process data after incident and interaction events are received in realtime or on schedulesNoRequired-
datastorer-serviceMicroservice that process integration incoming data from kafka and stores into mongo DBNoRequired-
helix-inbound-integrationMicroservice to ingest incoming data from HelixNoOptionalHelix inbound integration
helix-outbound-integrationMicroservice to process outgoing data to HelixNoOptionalHelix outbound integration
incident-serviceMicroservice owns the incidents and process the incidents dataNoRequired-
ingestion-apiHosts APIs for pushing incident data and events to PenfieldNoNoFor development use only
interaction-serviceMicroservice owns the interactionsRequiredRequired-
jira-inbound-integrationMicroservice to ingest incoming data from jiraNoOptionalJira inbound integration
nlp-serviceMicroservice for nlp serviceRequiredRequiredJira inbound integration
queue-balancing-serviceMicroservice to balance analyst queuesNoNoAlert Assignment
queuing-serviceMicroservice for maintaining and surfacing analyst queuesNoNoAlert Assignment
reinforcement-learning-serviceMicroservice hosts the reinforcement learning model and APIs for model training and servingNoNoAlert Assignment
sentinel-inbound-integrationMicroservice to ingest incoming data from Microsoft SentinelNoOptionalSentinel inbound integration
soc-data-analytics-serviceMicroservice to compute and return soc level analytical metrics and data pointsNoRequired-
webMicroservice for PenfieldAI dashboardRequiredRequired-
xsoar-inbound-integrationMicroservice to ingest incoming data from Cortex XSOARNoOptionalXSOAR inbound integration