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Verify Access

Before we jump into the deployment, let's verify the access to the kubernetes cluster.

Kube config

Once Cloud infrastructure is put in place, get the kube config and verify the access to kubernetes cluster.

Verify K8 access

  • Verify the kube config context is correct: kubectl config get-contexts
  • Verify the access to kubernetes: kubectl get pods --all-namespaces

Delegate permissions to cluster identity

Ensure the cluster identity used by the AKS cluster has delegated permissions to the public IP's resource group using the az role assignment create command. Replace the AKS_Cluster_Namee and AKS_Cluster_Resource_Group with your correct values.

CLIENT_ID=$(az aks show --name <AKS_Cluster_Name> --resource-group <AKS_Cluster_Resource_Group> --query identity.principalId -o tsv)

RG_SCOPE=$(az group show --name <AKS_Cluster_Resource_Group> --query id -o tsv)

az role assignment create --assignee ${CLIENT_ID} --role "Network Contributor" --scope ${RG_SCOPE}

helmfile initialization

If you have installed Helmfile, run the following command to initialize it. It will ask you to either update or install some plugins. We recommend to install atleast diff and helm-git plugins.

helmfile init