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Post deployment

Once Penfield application has been installed successfully make sure you follow these steps to finish the deployment.

Save config files

Please store all the files (except secret folder) that was prepared, you will need these files for any updates you need to make. It is recommended to use some git version control for future iterations.


Do Not store secrets in plain text in version control. You can either delete it from your local or store it after encryption.

You can build secrets files anytime as long as you have the variables values. So store variable values somewhere safe and delete the secrets files from your local.

Setup DNS

You have to setup DNS record for the FQDN domain that you have used. Please setup A record for the FQDN pointing to internal LoadBalancer IP.

  • Azure: You should have the IP from the last step if deployment was successful or you can also find the Load Balancer IP by running the below command:
kubectl get svc ingress-nginx-controller \
-n internal-ingress-nginx \
--output jsonpath='{.status.loadBalancer.ingress[0].ip}'
  • AWS: Find the loadbalancer IP or DNS name from the AWS console and point the FQDN to the ALB.

Once DNS is properly propagated you should be able to access the application at: https://FQDN/web

User creation

You will also need to create the users. If you have not enabled SSO, please follow this guide to create users.

Enable ITSM integration

If you are deploying standard tier application, you need to enable ITSM integration. Depend on your ITSM, Please find the integration under App Integration section on your left.

To enable SSO

Follow this guide if you like to setup SSO.