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Install browser extension on Microsoft Edge

Penfield Pathfinder

Pathfinder is the name of Penfield browser extension. Penfield integrates with investigation tools to better interpret SOC investigation processes.

Pathfinder monitors investigation steps performed using web-based tools to further enhance Penfield’s capabilities. Penfield’s Pathfinder is only enabled on the web-pages approved by your organization (web tools used during the incident response process).

Pathfinder will not monitor or observe any other web pages used by Analysts.

Download Pathfinder


Ensure that you have VPN enabled if Penfield application is behind VPN.

  1. Locate the Pathfinder Package in your Penfield dashboard account and download it.

Install Pathfinder

  1. Open Microsoft Edge

  2. In the top right corner click > Extensions​

  3. Ensure Developer Mode toggle is switched on.
    Note: This step is required as our product is not yet on the Microsoft Edge store. This capability has not been made public yet as we are currently applying for our Patent.

  4. Select Load unpacked

Note: The Pathfinder card should be visible.
6. Make sure Pathfinder toggle is switched on from list of Extensions. Please feel free to Pin Pathfinder for easy access.

Note: Enable in InPrivate Mode, in case of activities happening in InPrivate mode.
7. In Manage Extensions, Click on Details under the Pathfinder Extension Scroll to the bottom and check the “Allow in InPrivate”

You are ready to start using Pathfinder!

Please ensure you receive your credentials from your system admin & have VPN enabled.
Note: Actions will be tracked only if the user is logged in.

Open Your Favourite Tools:

  • Virus Total
  • Abuse IP dB
  • IBM X-Force
    More to come...