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Cloud Infrastructure

PenfieldAI application supports both AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure. Depend on your choice of public cloud, there are three ways you can setup cloud infrastructure:


You can create Kubernetes cluster with the specifications manually. This is not recommended approach unless you manage your cloud infrastructure manually or you use private cloud.


If you are setting up Kubernetes cluster usign terraform, you can either use your own terraform scripts or you can use PenfieldAI's provided terraform scripts, which can help you to setup cloud infrastructure quickly. If you choose to use PenfieldAI terraform scripts, please go to the respective Gitlab repo below depending on which cloud provider you use.

Azure Marketplace (fastest)

This offering which will automatically setup the cloud infrastructure (except Azure OpenAI) that is required for the application. Here is the marketplace offering for Azure: Azure Marketplace.


Once Cloud Infrastructure is deployed using any of the above methods, Please come back to documentation and continue with next page.